“In this life – one thing counts;

In the bag – large amounts…”

– Fagin (Oliver)

But my urge is not to pick a pocket or two… its just to find a nice balance in work, pleasure, happiness and satisfaction. Not necessarily in that order!!

I have for the past 3 years been on the look out for many things that can fully complete my basic necessities without over burdening me with more work, or giving me the dissatisfaction of being unemployed… I love to work, but then too much is just enough…

Colleagues all around are just dropping out of their current vocation to “take a break and figure out my life”. I mean do you really need a break to figure out your life?? Its not a matter of state security. But then, in hindsight, it is in the best interest for emotional sanity (something I lack).

I look out of the window of my work space and see ships in various shapes and sizes, and then it dawns on me – I am a ship. I have been built for a purpose, to carry a load (be it biologically or emotionally) which I will dump eventually and pick up a new load.

Now its up to me how I can react to it. I could be happy that I have been given a responsibility and work effortlessly, because – lets face it; I am good -OR- I could crow around saying ‘OH MY GOD!! SO MUCH WORK TO DO YAAR!!!’

And I wake up every morning and ask myself, will today be as good as I hope it will be??

How do you wake up?? Happily (I know everyone is groggy) or thinking I wish the world would come to an end…

Nuff Sed