My family and I are now the proud owners of 2 new cars (that brings our cumulative total up to 4). Now I realise its a touch much but the elation equals none that we all have our own personal car.. NO MORE SHARING!!!


The cars we had so far??

1. Toyota Innova – spacious (understatement really!!!) and did i mention it is HUGE!!!!!!! 8 seater with boot space to spare.. a powerful 2.5 l diesel engine with great performance.. 10 km to the liter!!! and its HUGE!!!

2. Toyota Corolla ver 2007 🙂 – This is my parents car!! Their pride joy !!! Us brothers are not allowed to touch the driver side without prior authority.. needless to say we do (most of the time at least)

Now we added two cars for our own personal use!!!

1) Hyundai Santro Xing – A beautiful car with a perfectly matched 1.1l engine. robust. and its BRIGHT RED!!!! My brother and I share the cost for our first car!!!

2) Maruti Suzuki 800 – This car is the Indian equivalent of “The Blueee Prius” (as made famous by Jeff Dunham in Sparks of Insanity – all descriptions below of the car hold true for both vehicles). It is not a car actually, it is a lunchbox!!! On the highway, if you put your hand out the window, the vehicle will turn!!!! And it is so small you can drive under a 16 wheeler, say thats dirty and drive right back out!!! and the Horn is a squeeky irritating “EEP EEP”. But it has killer mileage and is the car my mother is most comfortable driving..

Anyway – now with the onset of 4 cars in our household, my brother has decided to brush up on his driving, my mother will sputter around in the 800 and I will share the Santro with my brother to go to office!!!

I thought I forgot how owning a new car feels, but last night was just ecstatic… THE SIBLINGs FIRST CAR 🙂