And they are here to drive the most unthought thoughts into us common people.

Taare Zameen Par – a movie far beyond excellence…. brings the thought of so many family level issues.

Here is a preview of the life lived by almost all families now. I identified with it…

This is the main problem. Every one does not have time to settle down and look back and see.

About the movie. The movie has been made very proficiently, detailing the characters to a “T” very effectively, the theory of Dyslexia being put across very effectively. This is a social, emotional and psychological disorder faced the world over. There are a fw movies, a load of books but all internationally. Nothing India. For the first time (I may be wrong), an Indian has championed this and so effectively that it has left an impression in everyones brain.

The film has been done brilliantly, educates the Indian masses who are normally oblivious to these issues ala Nandkishore Awasthi and brings to light a reality. This paves the way for not only Dyslexia but also all learning disorders that exist.

The movie has been further given a boost by government, when given the “Tax-Free” status.

Your thoughts on this???

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