Thanks to Jamuna for posting this wonderful Marathi literary piece on her blog!!! Jammy – I am plagiarising this – whole sale!!!! And this is dedicated to my baby – Dhanashree – she will read this and cry!!! I am sure!!!

जड्तो तो जीव
That which clings is the heart
लागते ती आस
What sets in is yearning
बुडतो तो सूर्य
That which sets is the sun.
उरे तो आभास
What is left behind is an illusion

तोच अर्थ
What we grasp is meaning
उरे तोच रंग
What is left is color
ढळ तो तो अश्रू
That which trickles down is the tear
सुतो तो संग
What slip away are relationships

दाते ती माया
What surrounds is love
सरे तोच का
That which passes is time
ज्याला नाही ठाव
That which is limitless
ते तर आभा
Is the sky!

घन नीळआ ड़ोह
पोटी गूढ़ माया

आभाळ माया
आभाळ माया
LOVE is mysterious and limitless like the deep blue sky.


*Words of a titletrack. Serial “AbhalMaya”…one of the BEST known serials on ZEE Marathi with the most popular title track ever. Year 1998.
Lyrics: MAngesh Kulkarni who says he wrote these words on a bus ticket while traveling because they came him to there when he had no paper on him.
Singer: Devki Pandit

The English translation does NO justice to the marathi words! But its a lame attempt to make sure the meaning comes across. Hope i havent ruined it!


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