I do not have pics to show you’ll but the rains are here in full swing.

I was on my way to work today and got caught in some maniac-al traffic. the rain was just pouring in – non-stop!!

But I did not want it to stop – and it was beautiful. I was listening to the radio on my way – I think something I have not done in a long time, so I was sitting vela anyway… I was just listening to the various things radio channels have come up with to pass the time in the rains.

Radio City 91.1 had their morning RJ’s have people call in and confess who they are most scared of and they will then stick their nose and neck into it as sort it out.. today was especially funny since the wife was caught unaware!!!

Big 92.7 – not very smart… just general updates

Red 93.5 – very interactive… have devised a rap song and what a song it was – very snappy… plus they had a contest running as to which area needed a “boat” for these rains…

94.3 ONE – my fav channel – just twisted the entire rain into a run festival… VERY Funny… especially since most of their crew did not show up to work!!!

did not get around to listening to the others – but it was fun

the traffic was a LOT, the water is… a LOT… and i was missing my lady… A LOT!!!

But thats the rains…

and its here now!!!

Welcome sire!!