Ask yourself a question!

If you got a free gift, purely as a feel good factor, would you not cherish it and hold in high respect the person that gave it to you?

In the same way, Corporate Gifting also creates good will in the people who get gifted to! And if the gift either serves a purpose or represents the company, then it creates a positive brand image as well.

A well thought gift, need not necessarily be expensive, but should most definitely make an impact, and needs to bear with it the company love!

For a few concepts, an auto parts company can create a dummy model of the part they manufacture in miniature and use on a keychain. A laptop company can co brand a USB pendrive with their products. A company manufacturing Shoes, can have multiple options such as shoe bags, or customised socks or so on. The cost involved in developing these products are nominal, but the impact – TREMENDOUS.

In this fashion, there are many products in the market that can be customised – or even mass customised for that matter – to suit the clients need.

To know what best suits your need, contact us! 🙂

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Partha Srinivasan, Publicity Consultant
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