Although now the market is picking up and recession is slowly… receding… I was just discussing with my wife the other day, how has the recession hit us? Rather, why has the recession hit us?

First – what is my take of the recession?

I feel, and this is my thought only, that the recession is merely a rouse for the highly placed to reduce their overheads.. yes it started out earnestly in the US and spread slowly through the financial markets, but the repercussions, while they could have been softened to not reach the common man, were used favorably by companies NOT hit by this loss of financial state to reduce their overheads! 

Panic was created by these companies within their employees who subsequently spread fear into every living man in the world. It started by people who played with fake money, or faux money to be precise, ran out of options and declared bankruptcy.. then the people who HAD the money, decided, OOH lets use this and spend less money and save more, and they started yelling that they too LOST so much, that it hurts, blah blah blah!

Now this is only in the top 5% of the world population who had millions and millions and sometimes a few billion too! But what about the common man? He still worked, he still bought vegetables, his meat consumption was sent plummeting since it was too expensive and the company he worked for had a CEO and an owner who did not want to part with his money even though he had it! This in turn affected sales at every nook and corner.. but people still bought stuff, they still used cars, traffic jams still existed, clothes still made, tv still watched, and ac still run at night…

I was not working at any company and this had not affected my income (not then at least, now i feel the pain), and people who ran their own SME still worked through the night like they normally did and it worked for them.

SO what is this recession and can the people who had the money in the first place, just own up to the responsibility that you are answerable to the other people who work for you.. their lives depend on you paying them on time… 

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