Tryvertising is a new marketing buzz word and it has arrived here in Dubai in true style. The originators of the physical try before you by concept, Sample Central, invited me to the launch of their store in Festival Centre.

I was looking for flashy window branding, bright neon lights, but was greeted by a simple sliding door and a red-and-white room with a reception. 


Not your regular shopping experience so far. 

Once I was registered, I walked into a cash counter so I could announce myself to the staff and they could brief me on the “rules” of Sample Central. The rules were simple, you pick up a set number of products in a suggested combination, you review them on the website on your profile, then return to the store to take a whole new set of products. You pay only for the experience which amounts to a Whopping AED 100 per YEAR!


It took me about 5 minutes for the concept to sink in. I pick up products, but don’t pay for them; but if I have to repeat this process indefinitely in a calendar year, then I need to leave feedback on their website. It is LITERALLY – THAT SIMPLE.

This is a marketing experience for brands who are looking for feedback about their products. The sample audience, come in, try the products, leave their feedback and it provides real time shopping feedback with statistics and consumer behaviour.

Speaking to Anthony James, the Big Guy Behind Sample Central, reveals that their Go To Market is based not on the consumer behaviour alone. It HAS to be coupled with the acceptance of brands who wish to put their products out there to be tested and ridiculed or accepted as the case may be. 
Sound strategy, which took them 3 years to perfect and then another 2 years to franchise successfully in various markets, Dubai being the latest addition. 

I picked up a few products and already left my feedback for a few. I plan to review the website on my blog soon, since that is a whole different core value to the marketing aspect of the brands concerned.

In the meanwhile enjoy the photographs and check out this youtube video of the walk around in Sample Central with Mr. James.

*All video and photos provided, kindly, by Sample Central.