Mr. John Sculley shared his dream. One where the brand is as important as the device itself. He spoke about Moonshot and his book and how Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were guys that regularly created something that could be termed as a moonshot.

He spoke about creating an experience that the youth could identify and make their own. He focused on the message and not the product it was based on. With that said, he did know that a product is a tangible method of reaching out to the youth and giving them an avenue to express how different they really are.


Then Obi Mobile came into the picture and he spoke about the marketing and the brand personality saying “technology is a given. If you don’t deliver good technology then you are out of the game.

He went to show us the branding and I came away impressed aspiring to interact with the brand and believe it understands me and can communicate with me.

The devices don’t really impress, though. They look familiar and dated in terms of look and even experience. Hopefully when the brand evolves, the devices should, too.


Let’s talk about the device I have. I got an Obi Falcon – S451. Looking like the N1 by Oppo out of the box, the basic hardware functions the same. Just felt better in quality and easy to hold.


A quick look inside shows the thought that has gone in the packaging of the device.

A nice pair of earphones, the in-ear variety, good quality usb connector, a decent usb plug and two, not one, but two 2200mAh batteries. Oh, and a scratch guard too.


SIM placement is odd. One full size and one micro. I suppose for travellers it makes sense. Thoughtful.

When you power up the device, it doesn’t prompt you to sign in or any of that. Dive straight into the phone and use it. Customise as you go along.

Camera seemed interesting but a more detailed review will come soon.

I am going to use this device once I am done with the Asus Zenfone 5. Then it will be reviewed from all aspects.

Watch this space.