social media cloudSocial Media- the BUZZ word that is part of EVERY Marketing mandate today. Don’t fool yourself, you have it on your list too, somewhere. I can help you:

STRATEGISE – Identify what sites will work and how you can create content that will work on these sites. In addition, I will also help assess and improve your online image including your website |

CREATE – Original content is the name of the game – whether it is rich media content or simple text based – understanding the structure and limitations of each platform to create this content with your message is my strength. I have the people or we can use your resources to create this content with my help |

CHANNELISE – Just telling you what works and doesn’t, is never enough. I can help you channelize your strategy to cross-sell your product/service/project/event/property to the audience you wish at the time you wish |

OBJECTIVISE – This is where I translate all that we have done before into reports and data that you can use and present to your higher authority. Converting all our efforts into numbers and results that are tangible but never guaranteed