I was always wondering what this brand, “Oppo”, would entail in terms of their devices and despite seeing all the various videos seen on Youtube, and all the photos of leaks and stuff, I was still curious to know what this company would bring to the market. When they launched the N1, that is the only model I really knew. I had not seen anything in terms of an outreach plus their reach in the Middle East market was barebones, to say the least. I saw some movement on Twitter suddenly and I just wrote to the Oppo international team about some reviews and boom – the rather active UAE team wrote to me and sent me their Oppo Find 7 – their flagship.

Once I was researching this phone, it showed me that this phone was insanely similar to the OnePlus One and I had to – HAD TO -compare it. So I asked my friend, Rizwan, to visit with his phone so I could make some essential comparisons. See these photos I took for the unboxing – and it covers all the important aspects of the form of the device.

If I could sum up my experience in a few words, it would be that this phone has changed the way I look at phones that go beyond the 5″ mark. I thought they would be large, unruly and impossible to manage. Design has obviously evolved in a BIG way; so much so that the difference of half an inch in display size made little to no difference when it was in my hand.

Using the phone is a whole different level of amazing. Smooth fluid software, brilliant hardware that never lags, looks gorgeous, a display that actually shows you in true brilliance how good things can actually be – and 4K – WOW!

At a price point of AED 2000 upwards in stores, you cannot do better with this flagship device from Oppo. Even though the OnePlus is about 30% cheaper, it doesn’t matter. The Oppo is a better device from the camera that snaps great RAW videos, to capturing great detailed images; to a phone that lasts nearly a day with a big battery and then some; to an experience that some really big names fail to deliver in terms of absolute bliss.

I loved my time with this phone and was VERY sad, when I had to return it 🙁

Would I buy this phone – I would, in a heartbeat.