It is truly a lot of fun seeing different drones flying around on the beach (just the odd one or two at a time). I always wanted to fly one of those toys around just to see what they are like.

I was given an opportunity to use a Parrot Bebop with Sky Controller for a while and it was a blast. The Bebop was super easy to setup – it paired really quickly with my phone. I had to continue using the phone to monitor the video feed, despite using the Sky Controller to control the Bebop. The process of onboarding the controller and setting it up to use with the Bebop is a little tricky, but I got the hang of it, eventually.

The Bebop itself is quite cute, very safe (with the guard rails for the props), and extremely easy to fly from the phone. From the Sky Controller, on the other hand, if you are new to the entire process of using a gaming controller, it can be a bit of learning curve. Once you get the hang of it, you will not want to use the phone again. A downside to using the Controller was that there was no dock to put my phone – just a tablet, if was using it. The competition, managed to get that right in the setup of their drone.

The box I got came with two batteries for the Bebop, and one battery for the Controller, which made things quite easy if I was  going out to fly around. I would get approximately 20 minutes of flight on a single charge of the battery. The good thing – batteries for the Bebop and the Controller were the same and so I managed to get a decent amount of flying done.

Batteries and Charging are proprietary designs and so you can’t go out into the market and buy any random battery for it to work with the Bebop – spares are easy to find though, not that you will need it.

The camera on the Bebop is great – with a fish eye lens, and a great inbuilt spring system to keep it stable during flight, it takes great stills and good full HD video. It’s not exactly professional quality but perfect for home and entertainment use.

The Bebop and Sky Controller are available on JadoPado – my go to for all unique gadgets in the region – for less than a $1000 – here is the link to buy it: https://uae.jadopado.com/product/JM00050634/parrot-bebop-drone-with-skycontroller-toy-red

The Bebop comes in a bunch of colours and are fun to use. Have a look at this video by Parrot to know more about it: