I AM Partha Srinivasan

aka parthans

I am Partha Srinivasan and I have nearly two decades of experience spanning, PR, Marketing – Digital & Traditional, Brand Consulting, Technology, and even running administrative functions in a garment & textile export company in India. With a range of skills developed over the years and a wide network of individuals spread around the world, I can help find the right solution to your marketing problem and execute (or help you execute) it to eliminate these obstacles


I am a skilled professional in the field of technology and have a working knowledge of all the technologies I have had exposure to including networking, computers, smart phones, computer accessories, enterprise technologies and gaming.


I offer a variety of solutions through different platforms – ranging from content solutions to marketing strategy, digital marketing training to technology systems for your startup. I offer sales enablement support to startups as well. Scroll on to read more about this


A technology writer, a technical writer, a content mentor, an editor of publications, a podcaster. I don many hats and have experienced content evolve over my 15 years of working in content-driven roles.

I have created content in many formats including, but not limited to, Press Releases, Case Studies, E-books, Whitepapers, Podcasts, Videos, Interviews, SEO Content, Blog Posts, Reviews, long-form content for clients, long-form editorial content, technology op-ed, technical writing (manuals, guides, FAQ documents, troubleshooting documents) and others.

I have been online since before social media was a thing. I was using Blogspot, Tumblr, and WordPress since the start. I was one of the early adopters of social media and have been a trainer/consultant for digital marketing using not just social media, but alternative tools as well.

I have created digital marketing strategies for other consultants, retail stores, distribution businesses, training spaces, PR and marketing agencies, and even use them to monetize my own business. I currently run a small enablement agency called Saks in Tech that specialises in Content Creation and Digital Enablement solutions. 

Everything is moving online. Everyone has to work remotely. What solutions do you need for your business? How do you integrate these solutions with your existing infrastructure or do you need to migrate to something new? What about learning how those systems work? What if something breaks?

I am here to help answer all of those tough and simple questions for you, your brand, and your company. Knowing which solution you need for yourself, is very crucial, but knowing how to leverage that solution is critical. Keep an open mind and using the solutions will only improve your productivity.

I have founded and run a Sales Enablement focused agency, where we are all about helping you identify the right content types, and building it for you. If you need systems to deliver this to your audiences, we can help you with those as well! All in all, we are the single stop solution finder for your web, digital, and content communication needs.

Crafting the right content for the right platform is very crucial. Knowing how to present it, understanding the limitations, and the applications become integral to creating the content. We have experience in creating content that matches your needs and platforms. Whether in advance or as needed, we do it all.

Having great content is one part of the battle. Knowing how to deliver it to the audience it is intended for, is another. We have been working in the space of enabling content with the right platform for as long as we can remember making the content itself. We now offer that knowledge and capacity to you in a way that suits your need.

I am also available to feature on your podcast to talk about Marketing, Content, Digital Marketing, and even Podcasting. I am also available to mentor or work with your company to streamline systems, marketing solutions, and building communication systems for your brand.  If you would like to speak to me, or connect with me about anything I have spoken about in the past, feel free to connect with me via social or use the contact me page.

My Journey

Having started at the bottom of the food chain in PR and then moving up the ranks through different roles and companies – I have added a particular set of skills doing crazy out of the box stuff. It was this that has earned me the “Solution Finder” moniker.

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I also podcast – as often as I can. Here’s a playlist of my podcast.