Working with WordPress Webinar

6 hour session

Over two days get a crash course how to work with your WordPress website. Learn all the tips of using the core functions of the most popular CMS.  Use the best FREE WordPress Website Builder – Elementor and build a page without the need for templates or knowing coding. We also explore how SEO plays an important role while we are building pages with you.



Chapter 1 : An Introduction to the Basics

Understand what is a Content Management System, and specifically what is WordPress. Know what each feature on the basic dashboard does and what happens when you break your website.

Chapter 2 : I Can't Code - What Can I Do?

Partha did not learn coding professionally – he learned as he worked his way through many many broken websites. With new tools in place, you don’t even need to know that anymore. 

Chapter 3 : Information Architecture

Understand the inner workings of what each CSS modification means and how you can modify it to make your website.

Chapter 4 : Interaction and Motion

Websites don’t need to be only beautiful – but interactive and smooth. Learn how to modify functions when you build a website to make it more interactive. Moreover learn how to make it mobile friendly.

Chapter 5 : What is SEO and where is useful

SEO is a crucial portion for every website building process. Know how to make your website more Search Engine Friendly as we build the website together.

Partha Srinivasan


Partha has over 12 years of experience in building websites using WordPress. He has built so many websites using all the different themes, and in the past 4 months has built 10 websites. Most of which were using a single theme! He is also a trainer for Website Development and Planning for some of the leading digital marketing institutes in India.

Day One

Learn all about what WordPress is, and what makes it the most popular CMS in the world today. Learn how to use each feature t is optimum utility.

Day 2

Learn how to build a page from scratch using Elementor and learn how to keep SEO in mind while making the page.


What do I need for this webinar?

If you have any existing WordPress website, it would be extremely useful. If you don’t and are looking to start out, then you should get yourself one. We personally recommend BlueHost. To buy your hosting and domain at a great price – visit https://url.saksintech.com/bluehost. (Note: This is an affiliate link and we earn with every customer that signs up)

What will I learn in this webinar?

You will learn the core of WordPress and how it works as well as how to use each function to its potential.

You will also learn how to use the free Elementor builder to build a page – this will allow you to build additional pages on an existing website or even modify existing pages to elevate them.

We will also show you how to keep SEO in mind at every step of the way – whether it is building a website or adding new content!

How long will this webinar last?

The webinar is for two days. Each day will be three hours each. Outside of these days, Partha will always be available to help you with any minor questions with regard to what he teaches during the webinar.

Will there be any reference material available?

Unfortunately with WordPress – the only thing you have access to is the documentation from the respective creator of the plugin or the core. Partha will be simplifying this for you. The recording of the webinar will be made available for a duration of 2 weeks after the webinar, access for which will be provided directly after the webinar and will be given only to the participants of that session.

Are there any hidden charges?

For this webinar, there are no hidden charges. INR 1999 includes GST and any transaction fees. If you need to purchase a hosting and domain for this webinar, then this will be at your own discretion. We personally recommend BlueHost. To buy your hosting and domain at a great price – visit https://url.saksintech.com/bluehost. (Note: This is an affiliate link and we earn with every customer that signs up)

Will this webinar repeat in the future?

At this point, we are taking the scheduling one week at a time. If you are able to organise a group of 15 and need a special session managed, this can be arranged. For this, please email connect@saksintech.com 

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