7/365 Lost

7/365 Lost, originally uploaded by psrini.Just generally hanging out in the middle of the night on the seafront!!! the best moon light, the cool breeze (gusty actually) and my lovely lady… I was so lost, i named the pic 6/365… hehehhhAnyway – we are...

6/365 Far Fetched

6/365 Far Fetched, originally uploaded by psrini.although Eric may not believe it and yes, my derierre is the most evident part of my body in this picture, =P I am in fact lending a helping HAND to my colleague Girish at work!!!

4/365 Reflections

4/365 Reflections, originally uploaded by Pepstah.Instalment 4 – taken late in the night 0 in the sudden realisation that I have to post this!!! so I did!!!

3/365 – moving past quickly

3/365 – moving past quickly, originally uploaded by Pepstah.Welcome to installment 3Trying to move my sister into the frame but failed miserably to do so and the shutter got pressed anyway – it has a nice feel to it – so kept it as part of my...