Bhool Bhulaiya – What a fantastic concept. God bless Priyan for remaking it and being as truthful to the original as possible.


The Movie:

Brilliant location – The ‘haveli’ was mind blowing… The setting was perfect, with great lighting and amazing weather to match (so it seemed). A few holes in the picturisation and the flow, but then otherwise good…

Musical timing: the score was decent, no holes… they cut one song from the screening, but it was not missed in the flow of the movie (so no harm done although it was one song I had hoped to watch)

Performances: Top notch performances from Vidya Balan (not just a pretty face after all) and Akshaya Kumar (appears to be loony) but great all the same… decent performance from Paresh Rawal (who took the ‘I-am-so-scared’ look a little too far), Amisha Patel was good, and Shiney Ahuja has bad luck being posted with leading ladies with a personality disorder in the movie. The poor chap is jinxed I feel…

But by far the best part of the movie is Vineeth (he has a nothing in terms of length role – but by far the most meaningful – and he is one graceful chap – even more than Vidya Balan). He is damn good at the role given to him, and is utmost importance for his miniscule role!!

Holes in the picturisation:

1. Why does Akshay have his sons name tattooed on his back, I mean if he is single, then why does he have a random guy’s name tattoed on his back?? Is he gay?? Evidently not, since he asks for Amisha’s hand in marriage at the end.

2. Scene when Akshay is talking to his ‘Guru’ – a spot boy in black teeshirt races across the left half of the screen in a vain attempt to get out of the frame!

Holes in the screen play:

1. The younger daughter of the big brother of the family, played by Manoj Joshi, has apparently been exposed to the spirit in the movie and has therefore lost her voice (miraculously returned at the end), yet, the movie from the second half speaks of only the leading lady having a personality disorder and no spirit, then how DID the daughter get affected???

2. The married couple were in the ‘haveli’ on the night before they were supposed to arrive, but then if they arrived at that time, why did they not go to the family home?? seemed kind of weird, but then who am I to assess this…

3. NO RICKSHAW WILL TRAVEL ACROSS STATES OR DISTRICTS (LEAST OF ALL FOR Rs. 13000 – even if they do why would anyone hire that??? what happened to the car service??)

Apart from that, not having seen the original Malayalam version with the National award winning performance by Shobhana, I feel the movie is spectacularly done.