so – my girlfriends best friend just left for the exalted lands of USA traipsing (traversing really) across 2 huge water bodies and a tremendous land mass to go and study something that can be easily achieved here – but that is her call not mine…

anyway.. so she is travelling there and i was there to lend a shoulder for crying damsel’s and what was expected to be a drab affair turned out to be rather fun.. not the crying bit (of course – that was very sad)

Fun how?? well, i met (someone whose name i forgot) who was this womans fathers partner (PHEW!!). and he had a lot of fun stories about travellign and people involved.

Story 1: 40 years ago when his cousin was travelling to the US, there was a 3 day ritual kinda thing that was planned out (this si 40 years ago before you start jumping) the first day was a pooja and the second day was a kind of get together with feast et al and the last day all the families got together and literally walked that cousin to the flight (u could do that 40 yrs ago)

Story 2: there was this one chap about 20 yrs ago who had never travelled by flight was one in a situation where he had to travel – and believe it or not – about 400 kms but he had to fly. now this gent has not flown anywhere anytime and he was worried if he needed a passport. the best bit is when this gents best friend who suggested the flight said, dont orry, i will get you through without one.. this was for local travel by flight… was really hilarious…

Story 3 was when the uncle narrating told us of one of his own stories of when he went to HongKong. He was carrying mangoes in his check in luggage (first time traveller and no handle with care label on them mangoes) when he reached there, his luggage and all the other passengers were gifted with Mango pulped and mango flavoured luggage. HILARIOTOUS

And i realised how easy i had it when i had to travel. and all of a sudden i stopped laughing, thought about what they went through and laughed a lot more 😉

till next time