So my wife and I had planned long ago, we do not wish to be tied down under someone elses thoughts, or limit our thoughts to what the company we served hired us for!

Instead, we decided, and now we feel rightly so, to float our own solutions agency, a consultancy to make people and their products famous. This is of course subject to understanding if the concept is saleable… All said and done, we started it.. Like all good things, the start was rocky, but it i slowly building pace…

So far, we have concluded a lot of activities, like concept gifting solutions for Chilli’s, the restaurant, (launched in Bangalore), a road show for the Royal Challengers, PR for the Kaneria group, Company film for the Kaneria group, website and Social Media for mig33.

With your support and referals, we hope to contact and conclude many such activities.. so please ask your friends who need solutions to get in touch with us!

For Bouquets and Brickbats, please email me at partha@parthasrinivasan.com
Partha Srinivasan, Publicity Consultant
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