And with his super bark, he shall save the day!!!

“He is awesome!! He is Beyond Awesome!! HE IS BEYAWEZUM!!!! He is legendary!! My Hero – BOLT!!!” – Rhino the Hamster!! 🙂
Cartoons are not only for kids any more – strike that – they are for kids of all ages – and some adults who wanna relive their kiddiness but are too “mature” to accept their juvenility!! I love cartoons and BOLT just made sure I will NEVER grow old!!!
The characters were awesome!!! The story line although predictable was portrayed very nicely and there was nothing boring about it!!! In fact, we quite enjoyed that we could predict a movie!!! The talking pigeons and the cat with a heart and conscience were really nice!! The voices were done well!
The Trailer!!
If you like cartoons, then you will LURV Bolt!! He is BEYAWEZUM!!
Some Pictures from the movie!!!

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