So I found a new venue to go to – and found it with great pain. I attended the second half of the blogger meet known as Blog Camp sponsored by Microsoft and organised by Moksh Juneja, Neeraj Pattath, Annkur Agarwal, Netra Parikh and IdeaSmithy (PHEW) in collaboration with the newly formed Mumbai Chapter of ACM!

After I reached, I waffled around for a bit networking with buddies like Ranjeet, Skyn3t, Vivek and others, and finally settled down to watch a very nicely made realistic documentary on life in Mumbai slums. When asked for “how much do you spend on entertainment in a day”, while 1 person replied 10000 (i kid you NOT), others varied in the range of a daily expense of 300 – 400 per day incl travel and food, while the kids in the video barely had a hundred for a week. So in return of buying the pack of 7 short films, the company that made these movies gets paid a bit for making them and airing them, and the rest goes to 7 NGOs who contributed their research to make the movies! Will share the link with you when I find it!

After that there were mmultiple presentations on how a blog was created and finally led to marriage, and another one about social causes! Hardik presented on Windows Live Writer which i will start using now for my multiple blogs!

My brother, who is writing a fiction manga based 400 odd pager thingy was also there to gather inspiration and network! Catch his fiction on his blog HERE and his personal blog HERE

I missed my wife, Dhanashree at the event and so did the others, and especially when I was talking about Tata Jagriti Yatra to the audience at the Blog Camp!

Thanks to the unorganisers for a chance to attend and speak! Thanks to Vivek Khandelwal of VoiceTap for the help in presenting TJY 🙂

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Partha Srinivasan, Publicity Consultant
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