Its true! When Walt Disney announce a movie related to the fantasy-world – I expect glamour, glitz, great production and a bomb of a movie. Which is what Tron: Legacy – the movie (in 3D) is… NOT!! In fact, Tron: Legacy – the movie is the absolute opposite of what every quintessential Disney movie promises. In fact even this movie promised that exact same value through all it’s promotions and stills.

 I am sorry – I am not going to sugar coat this. The Movie sucked! BIG TIME!! While the basic premise had a lot of promise, the concept of the game was fabulous, the actual movie flow sucked. 
The acting was bad. I mean the 6th grade students who acted with me in my School Play (we performed “Oliver!”) acted better than the actors who got paid quite a bit actually. It was just not convincing enough. The lead hero, TRON (lets face it – the movie is named Tron!!) – got no screen time to speak of. His introduction was strictly “MEH”!! The characters could have done with some tweaking and a better introduction – Except Clue (the villain) nothing made sense to me!
The graphics were decent… not mind blowing. Like I said before – I invested 50 dhs and 2 and a half hours of my life into the 3D version of this movie + 30 dhs for the TRON snack pack (which by the way – is way cooler than the movie itself) and I somehow left the theater unsatiated! The 3D trailer for Kung Fu Panda was so much more invigorating!! (lol)
Michael Sheen as a cameo star was a waste!! Poor chap – he really did bring some life to the otherwise dull movie.. which was based on the premise of a light filled world (talk about oxy-morons 😉 pun fully intended )
Thankfully most of the merchandise barring Nokia’s N8 and the promotion deals are flowing through to the game – which is EONS better than the movie. I had a sneek peek at the game and its quite intense!!
Here is the trailer for you… If you have to go watch it – I recommend regular 2D version for less investment on a completely rubbish movie…
(adding this section on Dec 27, 2010)
Just saw TRON: the original one – (circa 1982) after my friend, Jeetendra suggested I should. Here is the trailer:

I just lost an additional hour and a half of my life watching this movie!!! The movie was very futuristic for it’s time. The story was lost on me! I just could not understand it! The graphics for the 1982 movie seemed far better than the 2010 edition if that is any better. Jeff Bridges‘ ham acting was better in the ’82 movie for sure. The characters had ABSOLUTELY no introduction. I had no idea who I was looking at and who was saying what!! Damn – misdirection to the core.

I looked up Wikipedia to understand the thought behind the movie. While the premise of the movie seemed futuristic and was probably thought through – it failed to reach out to me… What I don’t understand is, Is the movie about a software programmer trying to prove that he invented 5 games? Or is it about the creation of an alternate universe as suggested in Tron: Legacy?? Or did one lead to the other? And how did that actually come about? And why is the movie called Tron when the lead character is really Flynn? Because lets face it: Alan / Tron hardly have any role to play in either movie!!

I still like the game though and someday soon, you shall see a review of that as well.


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