In more ways than one that is 🙂

I was recently introduced to Arva – a great food lover and reviewer as I found out later, but a great blogger to begin with!

I saw her blog and was blown away by the detail that each post covered with respect to the food, the behind-the-scenes look and all the intense detail that is every single compositing factor in a recipe! She takes great photographs (still need to find out what she uses to capture those moments!) and displays it with style!

Now this style is not limited to only her blogging style or the way she presents her photographs or her taste preferences… but her blog has also been tastefully designed!

Using basic wordpress.org, with an OS theme in the form of Sandbox, Autofocus and a penchant for all things beautiful, her blog just oozes simplicity, and just  impresses me no end. I like her use of simplicity in every  manner possible, and it becomes a part of the review and the way she addresses most things!

Do read her blog and send her your bouquets or send me your brickbats 🙂


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