So I am part of the Middle East bloggers community now – not very famous (hell not famous at all) but I am part of it. When a person of this community gets attacked for no reason at all, that is an attack on all the bloggers in the community!

That is why, when Mark Makhoul gets sued for just expressing his thoughts, for writing his feelings and speaking his mind – IT JUST BLOWS MY MIND! Point is – as a blogger and a person with the right to free speech, I believe that I have the right to say it, without worrying about people getting rubbed the wrong way (unless these people are either a) a whack job of the first order or b) completely guilty [P.S. I am going for both in the case of M/s Benihana Kuwait – especially the GM]

Anyway, for those who were not following the Benihana case (to be truthful, neither was I until 2 weeks ago), it started with a pretty sharp but personal objective review of Benihana in Kuwait! The company in turn decided to sue this blogger. Problem? D-uh!! 

Mark Makhoul is only one of Kuwaits more well known bloggers and his blogs (he has 2) have a very large reach. While the review was initially quite soft (to the naked casual eye) after the GM of Benihana Kuwait commented, it raised some eyebrows. No one cares much about Benihana Kuwait especially after the way they have conducted themselves, reacting to a sundry blog post. All they needed to do was bridge the gap with some love. Instead they created a fracas. Now the world is screaming and the voices have become louder.

I am now one more voice in this shouting! “I am Mark Makhoul! Come Sue Me!!”

Have you been “Benihana” ‘d yet??
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