We just got our Xbox into the home. It was won while we were attending a Dubai GeekFest at the Shelter. The sponsors: Microsoft. So yeah – you get the picture 🙂

We were looking around for good deals on games and I was asking around to see if I could lay my hands on a few games for a couple of days. Suddenly I see EA Middle East tweeting about Bulletstorm – and I am now inquisitive! After some give and take, they decide to surprise me and give me a copy!!

That weekend – I was bulletstorming my way through the XBOX – wondering why the system was reacting so slowly to my every command – such was my impatience ;). I loved EVERY bit of that game! The way the game is played – key strokes in particular is pretty standard; its the gameplay and the story line that BLEW my mind! I was taken away by the detailing in the game! The characters have their own – for want of a better word – characteristics (I KNOW, creative! – LOL)!! 

I really loved how engrossing it was. Before I knew it – I had invested my entire weekend into the game and there was not an ounce of regret – in fact you could have probably heard a few growls from my family members who wanted the TV for some regular watching!! 😛 

My favorite bit? Trying to get a Bulletstorm Skill Shot out of killing every dead island inhabitant – and each boss I trumped resulted in loud and exultant rejoicing on my part! My favorite gun is the Sniper gun!! WICKED Skill Shots out of that. The Plasma Leash has some cool applications as well! My least favorite guns (still trying to figure out how to use the damn things) the Chain Grenadier and the Bouncing Bomber!

The game cover still proudly sits on my XBox waiting to be loaded into the system (it was momentarily replaced by Fight Night Champion) as I have to yet complete the game!

PS: I have a few more games to review – have completed them a LONG time ago 😛 just being lazy I suppose!

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