This is a constant cause for concern for most new phone buyers. What applications will my phone support? Will I get the necessary updates to my OS to remove any bugs in my phone?

While the iOS, BlackBerry and Symbian essentially do not need much/any tinkering to get the basic applications you need to stay in touch or get work done, I have found that the Android system is essentially flawed. Or at least it is flawed in the manner executed by handset manufacturers and not in line with the way Google intended it to be.

I remember fondly, not so long ago, when the G1 was launched. Google’s own little pet project running a Qualcomm chip set and a full touch interface. The concept was perfect and executed well enough to make others sweat.

There have been 9 updates to that OS since then and each one trying hard to overcome the flaws being highlighted by handset manufacturers around the world. Each company has taken the basic system and mangled it no end making the basic system inherently unusable in its factory state!!

Not one manufacturer has used the basic OS in its desired form thereby making rooting the phone step 2 in any persons “guide to owning an android phone”. These rules do not apply to the tablet for some reason!

This is my biggest pet peeve with android os handsets.

When I compare factory settings with an iPhone or a BlackBerry or even a Nokia – I find that I get what I need right out of the box – no surprises! No disappointments!

Now this is why I still use a Nokia or a Blackberry with great regard as compared to an Android.

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