For all those people who have been waiting patiently for the next big thing in mobile devices or have been putting off buying that smartphone for sometime now, I would probably recommend that you go and look at the HTC One X. I am sure that disappointed, you will not be!

For One(x) thing, HTC seem to have done things right on a lot of fronts and let me list down those things, which – in my opinion, needed work in the first place. I am not particularly fond of Android handsets. I guess I can put that down to being exposed to the lower strata of Android handsets that probably need to be rooted to get the best out of them. Quite frankly, I have tried, unsuccessfully at that, to do so and therefore have given up unceremoniously.

A few manufacturers seem to have got things right – HTC and Samsung to name the top 2 in my list. My first introduction to HTC was with the Desire. The phone is perfectly sized as an entry level, high spec smart phone. Price was almost right as well with it hovering around the $400 mark (I could be wrong you know). With a large application memory cache, it made downloading and using applications easier. HTC only improved this with the new range of phones with the Desire S, Incredible S and so on. Then came the HTC Sensation – and I was blown. That phone was not a phone – it was a mini power house. They also spoiled you with variants depending on what you wanted to focus on! Incredible – I mean, Sensational! 😛

Then they went silent for some time until last week, they emailed me and said “Come check out the HTC One X” – and go I did.

What happened next was me – a devout not-liker of Android – actually jumping for the pen and recommending the HTC One X because I do really recommend that product. This mobile device can do EVERYTHING you need from a mobile technology companion. What could you possibly want?

1. Camera: The One X boasts of an 8 megapixel camera with something that HTC calls Image Sense – and its pretty cool. With low light pictures coming out really sharp and bright despite, well, low light conditions, the clarity and depth really is amazing. Burst is exactly that in the true sense of the word! Other modes do exist but Low Light HD Capture, and Burst were the highlight of the still camera. The video on the other hand records 1080P (I can’t change the case for numbers!) of flawless video in the midst of which you can capture still images at 2mp quality. That is still print quality right there!! 

2. Screen and Touch: HTC have upgraded their OS to now be slightly smarter. Called the HTC Sense 4.0 this thing can now sync music through any music software and any Desktop OS. Nothing is proprietary anymore (*cough* iTunes *cough*). Easier to switch through the screens, better linked socially, improved connectivity and more through the new Sense 4.0. 

3. Media: Beats Audio – nuff said 😉 

Oh ok, fine – Audio quality is the same as the previous Sensation – with the addition of a few sensible functions like the ability to plug in ANY beats headset and get optimum quality sound through the Beats Audio engine in built!

4. Form: This is where I particularly loved the One X – it is larger than the Sensation – a 4.7″ screen compared to the Sensation’s 4.3″ but in no way does it need me to have extra long thumbs anymore. Slimmer, more practical, a thinner bezel all make the actual phone a LOT easier to hold and manage compared to the Sensation.

5. Tech: Let’s get technical for a bit here now –  out of the box with Android – ICS, the 32GB media memory, the 2GB inbuilt app memory, the 4.7 in HD screen, HTC Sense 4, Image Sense, OMG – and a companion core ONLY to manage the battery – this phone is the best thing since chocolate chip cookies – and the HTC Sensation ;). Coupled with 25 GB of Cloud Storage – really what more could you need?

Priced at AED 2499, the phone is already available in the market and I hope to get my hands on a review unit soon.

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