This past week has seen me coming home a new method of getting entertainment on my TV.

In case you did not know, I do not have any cable TV connection. I only live off the internet and a connection to my laptop via HDMI. My laptop was my media centre and a source for me to download my new stuff and watch. The setup was simple: Connect laptop to always-on power and internet, connected to USB Direct Storage of 1TB and connected to Buffalo LinkStation Live 1 TB via the network.
Enter the WD TV Live Media Center. When I got this new little device, it made things simple 🙂
My Direct Storage was already full and dying and all new data being downloaded went straight to the LinkStation via the network. Connected to the same network as my LinkStation, my laptop performed dual duties of downloading AND playing the media at the same time. This loaded on usage time and reduced performance, slowly and steadily.
With the WD TV Live   however, life became so much easier. A small device that blends with my TV, but replaced my laptop in media viewing duties, which is most of the time. It supports almost all file types and performs at FULL HD when needed. Audio is transmitted through HDMI and are capable of Surround Sound. It supports analog AV out through a 3.5mm jack as well. There are 2 USB ports that  support AC powered and Self Powered USB Storage devices. This small device also connects to the network wirelessly and you can view youtube videos, use your netflix account or use one of 10 other services for online content.

Truly this device is exceptional in terms of functions. The user interface is so SIMPLE that it is easy to get used to and quite frankly, when I return it, it will be missed 🙁

Here is a video for you to get an idea of what the device does..

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