I have, for the past few weeks, been using the BlackBerry Z10 and the HTC One Mini as my devices for primary usage. They are both fantastic devices and complement each other beautifully. I have been using them at tandem and here is why I will recommend the combination of these two handsets to you.

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The BlackBerry features the QNX based OS 10 that their new range of handsets have – the Z10, the Q10 and the Q5. There is also another in the process – the Z30 which will be a Phablet and a much awaited device. This device in conjunction with my BlackBerry PlayBook makes a mean pair by themselves! The Android OS does provide for some applications that do not exist on the BlackBerry. Both are extremely stable OS’, and I am happy to use them. Both are frugal in their use of the battery while providing for smooth user experience on the handset.
The BlackBerry has access to some standard yet very useful applications that are well integrated into the OS like Skype, Whatsapp, LinkedIn and FourSquare as well the one key piece that is hard coded into their system – The Hub. These are the primary applications I use in addition to using it as my primary phone for text and calls.
The HTC does duty for all the other data heavy applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Path. I also use all my Google services from there. I have games on the phone as well thanks to the wide range available on the play store. I use the tethering option on that handset a lot since I am on the move a lot and HTC provide LTE on that handset.
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User Experience:
The “slide to use” method is not new to me. I have used it on the Windows Phone, and I have used it on my PlayBook as well. Which is why, using the BlackBerry Z10 is something I am familiar with, and I fit right in with nary a niggle. I love the keyboard on this. I will go on to say that this is probably one of the better predictive touch keyboards I have used. Even better than Swype or so on. Camera duties on the blackberry are limited, but I don’t have a complaint since it is way better than the previous camera’s BB have used in the past and is definitely a good camera phone. It is not a professional camera and does not pose as one with superfluous customisations that I may or may not use. I have taken a few good photographs from the BlackBerry. I was facing some issues with the screen – it would pocket dial, go to settings and do stuff rather accidentally – but some setting changes later, and this was resolved.
The UI on the HTC One Mini is quite nice. I had liked the UI on the One but not the size. The One Mini is a good size for a phone and anything larger would rather be a tablet then a phone. The display is nice, the games work well with touches not being that sensitive but quite responsive. I like the sound on the HTC and I know my son loves it too. He always brings me the HTC when he needs to watch videos on youtube.
Overall value:
  this plus this
I find the overall value of using two phones that complement each other as well as the HTC One Mini and the BlackBerry Z10 very satisfying and I will recommend this to people who are constantly on the move and live off their laptop/tablet combination from coffee shops and other locations with no reliable Wi-Fi.
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