I have had the opportunity to review some really cool devices. Once in a while I get some cool Hard Drives to use. What Seagate sent me to review was just this cool and here is what it looks like out of the box:



Having used this device for two weeks, I have been able to use this device across a host of situations and it really has been quite useful. A portable NAS device that can store 1 TB and can sit in your bag while you wirelessly connect to it and get any document / media file you need  – this is excellent.

Use it to bridge a connection to the internet since you need to connect via the WiFi module in your device. It can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously – and I have used it to connect at least 3 at a time – my laptop, my mobile, and a tablet that I was reviewing at the time. I was able to access my document on the laptop to edit live, music on my mobile phone and some reference images I was using on my tablet so I could edit said document.

Using it like a standard Hard Drive meant connecting it with USB 3.0 and that resulted in fairly faster than normal transfers from my desktop to the drive. I will say this – the device is conceptually fairly awesome – and does what it says on the tin.

If you are looking for a portable Network Drive then the Wireless Plus is a reliable device that you can pop into your backpack and access any information you want on the go.