It has been a while since I used this device but using it has left an impact on my consciousness so much so that I hope to relive those glory days of having a multi-display solution on my work desk at home. This device I refer to is the EW2440L series of monitors that has a host of features to make you really wish that all your displays did what this monitor can do, with ease.

The monitor was a 24″ display but with a thin bezel, it was a lot smaller than standard displays available in the market. The capacitive touch buttons really made navigation so cool – I grew up in an era where monitors had buttons and maybe a few features. But this monitor, came packed with a whole slew of features that I had to use them all, over and over and over again.

top_ew2440lKey among these features was the Smartphone MHL connection. I was using my HTC One M8 at the time and I was constantly connecting it to the MHL cable (included in the box) just so I could experience a proper large screen experience with some movies, or just browsing – because I could and I loved the experience. Of course the One M8 meant that rendering lag and frame-rates were non-issues to push to the display but what was impressive was the refresh rate and the pixel density of the display itself.

Another key feature I was using was the multi display mode along side my Asus U32U AMD powered netbook. I plugged my HDMI cable into both devices and was simultaneous perusing an Excel sheet on the large display while creating a report on the laptop display. The monitor was almost always on 1080p and boy, did it look good.

A bunch of software features meant that the display was easy to customise and personalise to your own setting comfort zone. This included using the inbuilt smart focus while watching online videos, the super Resolution enhancing up-scaling technology, as well energy saving modes such as Cinema display, Low Blue Light mode (that was also easy on the eyes) and the speakers inbuilt, meant I could watch movies directly from my laptop without using the softer speakers or a headset and not worry about bad resolution or any sort of graininess.

The display is compatible with a range of devices but obviously this list below is not exhaustive:

compatibility list

All in all this display is really worth every single coin you invest in it and if you are looking for a good long term investment in an display device for your work desk, then this is it. The indicative price in the market is AED 1400 upwards depending on where you buy it.