Have been having the worst service from @amazonIN for the past six months. Today was the straw that broke the camels back. Am deleting the account and I feel that people need to know the kind of shit this large as hell company put paltry mortals like us.

  1. Lack of any sort of communication. If something is not going to happen, call the customer. If you feel a customer request is not possible let them know. This is the crux of all the future issues listed below.
  2. Point of physical contact people have an ego the size of their company. Just because these guys work with Amazon they believe they can make decisions about how to speak to customers. It’s not fun dealing with these obnoxious entitled assholes.
  3. Lack of empathy. If a customer requests for something then either tell them it can’t happen for specific reasons or it can and make it happen. Don’t say it will happen then Go the other way. Or say it can’t happen “because fucking policy”
  4. Lack of transparency. Details of transactions or how to reach support is extremely difficult unless you know HOW to get through. There is no transparency within the company. One CS exec can’t see what the other exec has done within a single case.
  5. Lack of respect for decorum. You don’t go to anyone’s home at bloody 930. You don’t go to anyone’s office after bloody 6/7/8 (depending on where you work). If someone marks an address as such, respect it and make amends where needed. Again. Call to ask if it’s ok
  6. Lack of accountability. The customer isn’t always right. Now I’m happy to be proven wrong but often I have to wait for their highnesses to follow a policy before I can get anything done. Their own staff don’t follow protocol and I’m supposed to.

The number of times a package has been marked as delivered and I’ve never actually gotten the package here in Pune is crazy. The number of times people have not even bothered to call me to check if I’m there and then mark a package as undelivered is not funny. And then the number of times I’ve had to accept packages at 930 because “the delivery guy is delivering a shit tonne of packages” is downright inhumane. To the delivery guy.

Point is. I’m done with this company. I don’t need them. They don’t give a fuck that I’m not going to give them my business. I mean I’m a fraction of a fraction to their bottom line. But as a matter of principle. I am done. Hope this blog gives you some food for thought before you take your business to them. Instead of taking your business to them, look for local alternatives. Support small businesses. Make an impact to the person who actually gets affected by your business.