Social Media Marketing

Social Media- the BUZZ word that is part of EVERY Marketing mandate today. Don’t fool yourself, you have it on your list too, somewhere. I can help you: STRATEGISE – Identify what sites will work and how you can create content that will work on these...

Through the Line Marketing

Through the Line Marketing Strategy is necessary for every publicity campaign, and I have access to various solutions and concepts that can be easily adapted to any industry vertical – whether product, service or event.

Get Online

Being Online is not only about being on Social Media. You also need a presence where you control the content and the outcome. You need to be able to promote your product/service/event/solution to the right audience using the right tools and all these tools are now...


CONTENT. This is my real skill – the ability to craft content that will make an impact. Whether it is Website Content, Brochures, Articles, Press Releases, Social Media stuff – tweets, facebook updates and all that, SEO content, Case Studies, White Papers,...